Placenta Previa

First things first – Placenta previa is a pregnancy related complication. It mostly hits pregnant women above 35 who have had history of previa; multiple abortions; more than five deliveries; multiple caesareans in the past; etc.

It can have life threatening consequences for the baby as well as mother if things are not monitored from the beginning. Placenta previa is not a disease; its displacement of placenta which the body internally deals with and sometimes sorts itself out. Therefore there is no medication for it as such, and only preventions which includes incorporating changes in lifestyle as suggested by doctor depending on individual contion.

Placenta previa is not such a common medical condition and is diagnosed in one in every two hundred pregnant women. Patients may note that it is not a disease of placenta; it is merely position of the organ that has moved from its normal position. There is no treatment to cure it; the condition can only be stabilized.

In any stage of pregnancy when a woman is diagnosed with the placenta previa condition, it points to the fact that her placenta has shifted position and is now positioned lower than it is supposed to be which can lead to complications in the delivery.

Original position of placenta is close above the uterus, & its main role is to provide nutrition to the growing unborn. In placenta previa condition, placenta shifts near the uterus or sometimes is even seen covering the cervix.

Women could be diagnosed with the condition which has three sub-conditions: total; partial; and low lying placenta previa condition. Doctors monitor the position of placenta via ultrasound.

If condition of placenta previa is diagnosed in initial weeks of pregnancy it is not a cause of concern, because as woman advances in her pregnancy things do set themselves right. However, if the condition persists through the 2nd and 3rd trimester and it is revealed in ultrasound that the placenta is positioned close to cervix during mid pregnancy or later, then the status of deliver may get impacted.

The condition may sometimes lead to bleeding because of which caesarean section may have to be performed pre term. However this does not apply to all the placenta previa cases. If bleeding stops and health of mother and unborn is found to be recovering then the woman may be allowed to deliver on reaching full term.

Various fallouts of this condition are, haemorrhage to the mother; excessive bleeding, which may sometimes call for blood transfusion during as well as after pregnancy; may lead to complicated delivery, if placenta is stuck too deeply and doctors are not able to separate it at the time of delivery; babies delivered pre term may face health and infection related complications.

Placenta Previa Definition:

It is a medical condition associated with one in two hundred pregnant women. In this condition the placenta grows and positions itself abnormally. Placenta previa definition should cover all of the different conditions of this problem. It may lie low, or cover the cervix totally or partially, which in turn may lead to complications in pregnancy and may affect the mother as well as the newborn/unborn child. Its symptoms include heavy bleeding and cramps and the condition is mostly diagnosed in woman with large placenta, multiple previous pregnancies, age etc.

What Is Placenta Previa?

Placenta previa is a pregnancy related complication where placenta’s position blocks the cervix – baby’s way out. In normal pregnancy placenta attaches itself above uterus but in placenta previa, it gets attached to the down side of uterus. “What is placenta previa?” is the question that mothers who have this problem ask as soon as they hear that they probably have this problem. Main symptom is heavy bleeding which if allowed to go unattended may lead to life threatening consequences like haemorrhage etc for the mother, and child delivered before full term may also have to fight various complications.

Placenta Previa Symptoms

Placenta previa a serious pregnancy linked problem which may become life threatening complication for mother and unborn child. Its initial symptom is sudden, painless heavy bleeding, mostly experienced during second trimester. It may also be reported during first and third trimester, rare though. Placenta previa symptoms can be different from person to person. Sometimes the woman may also complain of uterine cramping while bleeding. At times bleeding stops by itself but reappears in a few days. Medical advice should be sought at the earliest.

Signs of Placenta Previa

Placenta previa does not necessarily show signs until woman reaches 20th week of her pregnancy or even later. Sometimes doctors discover it as late as when its time to take her to the labour room. Bright read coloured painless bleeding during the second or third trimester of pregnancy could be the initial sign signalling at existence of placenta previa condition. Signs of placenta previa is different in different persons. Some women may also experience cramp, and slight labour. There are ten percent chances that a woman will be wrongly diagnosed for placenta previa, and seven percent chances that the condition exists, signs are there and yet doctors have not been able to timely diagnose it.

Placenta Previa Causes

What causes placenta previa is not known. One in two hundred women suffer this condition and those who are at more risk are the ones who are giving birth in their advancing age, i.e. Women in late thirties and forties; who smoke during pregnancy; women with history of placenta previa in their earlier pregnancies; history of abortion or miscarriage, & cesarean section; multiple pregnancies (exceeding five); history of uterine surgery or irregularities; living in high altitudes etc are some of the causes that may lead to placenta previa. Therefore, placenta previa causes are also different and can not be limited to a narrow spectrum of problems.

Partial Placenta Previa

Placenta previa is a pregnancy related rare obstacle. It is categorised under three sub heads; complete previa; low lying previa; and partial previa. When placenta starts growing in the lower direction towards uterus and covers the cervical opening, woman is said to be suffering from placenta previa. And when this placenta grows and covers the opening of the cervix just partially, it is called partial placenta previa condition. Partial previa is common in early pregnancies due to the reason that there is not enough area within the uterus for placenta to encroach upon. Partial placenta previa is mostly diagnosed in 2nd trimester and has a merely two and a half percent chance that it will continue to show in third trimester.

Complete Placenta Previa

Complete placenta previa is said to be a serious condition for a woman, and is likely to lead to caesarean or c-section delivery. In extreme cases deliveries may have to be performed before term where the baby may not have fully grown. In complete placenta previa, placenta completely blocks / obstructs the opening from the womb till the cervix. The condition is seen to show up in women in their 20th week of conception, and for reasons unknown asian women and women carrying male foetus are more prone to it than women in other parts of the world or the ones carrying female foetuses.

Low Lying Placenta Previa

Low lying placenta previa is a type of placenta previa condition. When woman experiences this condition in her early or mid pregnancy, probabilities are that with time as pregnancy advances, the condition will correct itself. And by the time women reach her third trimester as the uterus grows, it will move upwards, and will be completely out of the way. With a low lying placenta previa which is positioned at the edge of the cervix in this particular condition, a woman has a fair chance of giving normal birth vaginally under strict administration of her doctor.

Marginal Placenta Previa

In marginal placenta previa condition, placenta gets implanted and starts to grow at the bottom of the uterus and starts pushing, up against the cervix. However marginal previa does not cover the opening. Placenta’s border almost starts touching the internal opening of the uterine cervix. If it overlaps even slightly then during labour as cervix begins to dilate slight bleeding may be noticed at the edge of placenta. Doctors don’t generally recommend c-section for this condition and if the procedure has to be decide, its done on the basis of position of placenta which is found out via ultrasound.

Placenta Previa Second Trimester

Placenta previa appearing during second trimester of pregnancy generally tend to go away by the time woman reaches her full term. However partial, low lying, and marginal cases of previa get taken care of better than complete previa. During 2nd trimester doctors keep the women with placenta previa condition under observation with regard to position of placenta and extent to which it is even with the internal os, based on which they try to envisage whether the condition is likely to persist during delivery or not.

Placenta Previa Pictures

complete or total placenta previa:
(here you can see the placenta covering the cervix completely)

partial or marginal placenta previa:
(the placenta can be seen covering over the cervix partially)
normal placenta:
complete or total placenta previa partial or marginal placenta previa normal placenta

Placenta Previa Treatment

Women diagnosed with placenta previa condition should know that there is no treatment which can change the location of the placenta, and that it can only be controlled. Therefore these women are generally asked to go on complete bed rest, avoid lifting heavy things and straining physically, abstain from sexual intercourse, and immediately inform his/her doctor if they experience bleeding. They should be rush to doctor if they are bleeding, which will help doctor decide whether the condition requires immediate C section and bring blood loss under control. Taking gestational period into consideration doctors may also decide to give steroid shots to mother to help grow unborn’s lung.

Placenta Previa Risks

Placenta previa by itself is a risky condition that hits 1 in two hundred pregnant women, wherein the placenta gets larger and shifts position in a way that it blocks the opening and baby’s exit track. Bleeding is one of the biggest placenta previa risks which can be dangerous for both child and bother. Another fall out could be that the baby may have to be delivered pre-term irrespective of its growth, because if the risk is not tackled in time it can be fatal for mother as well as the unborn child.

Placenta Previa Bleeding

Bleeding in placenta previa takes place when placenta separates from its implantation in the uterus before time. There are blood vessels in the placenta through which mother supplies nutrition to the baby and if placenta starts detaching early, the vessels break and bleed. The wider the detachment the more a woman bleeds. Or bleeding can also happen because the lower side of the uterus becomes quite thin during the third trimester as it is coming close to labour. This may lead to the placenta over the cervix get torn and start to bleed. If the bleeding cannot be controlled immediate caesarean section delivery is performed, irrespective of length of the pregnancy.

Placenta Previa at 20 Weeks

In the 20th week of pregnancy, size of woman’s placenta in comparison to her uterus is quite large and condition of previa does seem to show up in ultrasound. Diagnosing this, doctors hand her out a list of precautions. If marginal, partial, or low lying placenta previa at 20 weeks then it is more than likely that with time uterus will grow and placenta will move away from cervix and things will resume to normal and she will have a normal, at the most a c-section delivery. . Complete previa situation may however call for more care, monitoring, and frequent rounds at the doctor. If the woman experiences even slight bleeding, it should be immediately reported.

Placenta Previa First Trimester

Placenta previa, first of all is not a common a cause of worry if it is seen to occur during in the first trimester of woman’s pregnancy. In the first twelve weeks the foetus is still very small and so is size of uterus. The placenta invades the space during this phase, but as pregnancy advances and uterus grows, placenta gets pushed back.

Placenta Previa Emedicine

If woman experiences painless bleeding (mild or full force), cramping etc especially in the second trimester of her pregnancy she should bring it to the notice of her doctor immediately. The condition is not curable however it can be brought under control. Doctors may prescribe simple bed rest at home or steroid shots depending on the situation. It is always better to seek advice of your doctor.

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Comment by Asha
2012-04-08 16:43:34

Hello Dear Sir /Madam,
I, Mrs. Asha Gangaraju 27yrs of age & I’m Pregnant women with 22 weeks & 5 days(LMP – 01/Nov/2011) of Pregnancy Period & This is my first pregnancy. I had the ultrasound report dated:05/April/2012. please find the Impression of the obstetrics usg study.

*Single live intra uterine fetus of 22 weeks 2 days showing a foetal size of 22 weeks 3 days.
*no major anomalities detected.
*placenta low lying posterior wall covering the os. Suggested follow up scan for placental migration.

I kindly request you to observe the above said impression & suggest me regarding above.


Comment by admin
2012-07-17 14:23:31

Have you done the follow up scan for placental migration?

Comment by bhavya
2013-04-18 10:27:47

Dear doctor
I,Mrs.bhagya 27yrs of age & I am pregnant with 20 weeks 6days(LMP-23-11-20120.This is my 1 st pregnancy. I had the ultrasound report dated:16/April/2013. please find the Impression of the obstetrics usg study.

*Single live intra uterine fetus of 20 weeks 6 days showing a fetal size of 21 weeks 2 days.
*no major anomalities detected.
*placenta posterior low dipping lower end at 3.5 c m away from int-os. Suggested follow up scan for placental migration.

I kindly request you to observe the above said impression & suggest me regarding above.

Comment by a k singh
2013-08-15 14:22:40

according to mu USG report….. “SINGLE INTRAUTERINE LIVE FETUS OF 18 WEEKS 06 DAYS ± 01 WEEK”………. mean……????

Comment by Sher
2012-08-04 11:26:01

i am pregnant and dr. diagnosed placenta previa (Type III). THis is my 4 delievery, previuosly i have been C-Section delivery. I am at 23 week pregnant. I am scared please suggest how to be normal C-Section.

Comment by admin
2012-08-04 16:14:37

Hi Sher,

There is no point to be scared. You can easily have a safe c-section. Your gynecologist will take care of it. You have to follow his advice very carefully and precisely.

Comment by Brandie
2012-08-13 01:54:33

Hi, I currently do lovenox injections due to hex of pe and DVT. At my 20 week u/s I was told I had complete placenta previa. I have not experienced any bleeding but do have pressure. What is the likely hood of my placenta moving up? Also with the blood thinners am I at more of a risk?

Comment by Ashley
2012-10-06 05:57:18

I’ve been diagnosed with complete previa at 18 weeks. I see you posted this about 4 weeks ago…has yours moved? I’m wondering what the chances are that those with a complete previa in their 2nd Trimester have.

Comment by Stoeckle
2014-03-29 12:51:26

I am also on lovenox and was just told that I have complete placenta previa. Please share anything with me.

Comment by maci fettinger
2012-09-12 08:19:09

HI dr i was at the 20 wk ultrasound of my daughters. the placentia is directly over the cervix and they said it was not likely to move, she was told to not have sex etc and to sit around the house, she is due early Jan. well she is still working out a 2 wk notice as a waitress and doesn’t seem to think there is much to worry about yet. She has been doing light housework, yardwork and I am very concerned that she is doing to much. This is her first pregnancy and she was a smoker when she got pregnant. very healthy.

Is she? what should she be doing at this pt, she has not had bleeding, but says she has back cramps. CAn she make her baby be born premature by moving around? sitting up? laying on one side vs another? walking? when is this an issue?
How many wks is she along if her due date is Jan 3rd?
Thank you for your answers.

Comment by Lenai Davis
2012-09-20 04:35:40

I am 32 weeks and 5 days pregnant and my placenta is very low and my baby is in a breech position can this change before my due date November 9th or is it likely to stay this way until delivery.

Comment by madelin
2012-09-28 08:58:18

Hi ,
I am 15 weeks pregnant.
Doctor today diagnosed me with complete placenta previa,
I am graduate student, so I have to go to my Laboratory…
is working for a long hours worsen the case…
What I should do if I have bleeding???? I never experienced any one till now
but I sometimes have little cramps

Comment by Kaveri Tomar
2012-10-12 10:29:20

Hello Sir/Madam,
I Kaveri, 23. Expecting with 18 weeks.Its my 1st pregnancy.I had an ultrasound test at week 16 and the report is that the placenta is lying down. I m worried. Plz help me….

Comment by satchit
2013-07-22 08:41:16

i am 12 week pregnant, i have done ultrasound, in that report my placenta is hows low lying. doctor has told me to take 1 month bed rest.
after taking of 1 month bed rest is it possibility of placenta in its normal place.
on my due date of pregnancy can i have normal delivery

Comment by Lisa Tarantino
2012-10-16 21:33:33

I am a 49 yr old woman who was born to placenta previa. My parents are deceased and I was never told much about this time while my mother was pregnant with me.She only told me she was under bed rest for the last 2 months of her pregnancy and how she vomited ALOT her entire pregnancy.
My question is.. have there ever been any studies done to determine if babies born with placenta previa grow up to be more susceptible to illnesses, chronic or otherwise.I have suffered illnesses rare and otherwise that my two sisters or other family members have not.I was just curious if there was a correlation…
Thank you for your time!

Comment by Beth
2013-02-08 00:37:30

Lisa, I don’t know the answer to your question, but I would like to find out also. I gave birth to my daughter 5 years ago. I had full placenta previa and was on bed rest for about 3 months. My daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 3 years old.
I don’t even know if you will see this response since your question was a few months ago!
I would be very interested to know if there has been any studies about this.

Comment by Chriss
2013-03-28 16:38:36

I had a low-lying placenta and my child2 suffered from tonic-clonic and absence seizures, finally being diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 10!!!! And my cousin child2 had partial placenta previa and her 1 yr old is developmentally delayed and suffering from seizures. I’m thinking this is too much of a coincidence. I would also be very interested to hear of any studies into this condition being linked with Epilepsy.

Comment by Kimberly
2013-05-11 12:05:29

HI! I noticed you said you had complete placenta previa . o have been in hospital since April 1st. and I am having a section in ten days. I have complete placenta previa which happens to be frontal as well. How did your surgery go ? I’m terrified I’m go.g to die. I know they can get her out.very quickly so I’m ok, but now I’m concerned for my safety. have many people died with this. I’m 23 and this is our first child. were both scared. and no one will answer my questions. I know if many moms survive this type of surgery. my placenta is very big its 8cm and its.right the front and they have to cut into it either way. any advice greatly appreciated.

Comment by Kelly
2012-10-17 08:38:22

Hi I had my 20 week scan last Friday. They told me my placenta is covering my birth canal and that I need to go back at 32 week for another scan. That is all I was told so I read up about it and scared myself,, a lot of ladies have said they had to have regular check ups and their plecenta was only covering by 2cms!! Do I need more care and regular check ups? I feel like no one is bothered. I didn’t get any other information was just told my placenta is covering the birth canal!!! Be very greatful if some one could get back to me please :-) thanks from kelly

Comment by Natasha
2013-03-13 20:52:19

Hi there Kelly, i am 19weeks now and just had my scan and i got told the same then they left me to it. I dont know anything about it either and reading up im also scared. and i have to come back at 32 weeks also i would like help also

Comment by Jamie
2012-10-18 23:49:28

I was diagnosed as having placenta previa when I was 22 weeks. I had bleeding 3 times throughout my pregnancy & ended up not working my last 2 months. I did make it to my due date, & then I had a placental abruption! I was a c section because of my blood loss & baby’s heart rate was dropping! but my baby & I are completely healthy!! :)

Comment by jamie
2013-07-07 14:55:11

It makes me feel better to hear that someone has given birth and both baby and mom are doing fine. I am only 14 weeks and i started bleeding. Doctors at E.R. diagnosed me with placenta previa. I have been on bed rest for about a week now and may not be able to go back to work. I will see a doctor this wed. I was so scared and still am a little, but you give me hope that we will be ok… thank you

Comment by Darcy
2012-10-24 15:11:21

I had a level 2 ultrasound at 18 weeks and was told i had placenta previa. Not sure which type though. What are the chances that i will be able to have a natural delivery and the placenta will move to where it is supposed to be? I have another ultrasound in 6 weeks to see if it has “moved” at all.

Comment by Angela
2012-10-31 02:13:58

Hello, I just saw my Dr today and he said everything was fine, I’m 17 weeks. About an hour after leaving his office he called me and said he did see that I looked to have placenta previa at my 12 week ultrasound. Idk why he didn’t tell me in the office, maybe he forgot or didn’t see it until after reviewing my file more closely? I have another ultrasound coming up at 20 weeks and he said not to worry until we know for sure if it hasn’t moved. He did advise me not to have sex. I have been reading up on this and I’m pretty concerned but I haven’t had any complications or bleeding at all (not even morning sickness!) yet and I was really happy. Now, I’m worried I’m at risk. I usually walk 3-4 miles everyday and I have to stand for 4-8 hours at my job, should I continue with my routine and is it safe for me to be standing that long?? I hate that I have to wait 3 more weeks for my ultrasound to find out if I have a real issue.

Comment by reena
2012-11-01 06:17:56

i m pregnent .my lmp is 22 first 4,5 months i hv problem of collection in the doctor suggest me of bed in last sonography dated 31 oct report is,placenta previa,low lying,completly covering the os type 4.suggest me what to do now?some precaution or medicine.

Comment by Marie
2012-11-04 06:53:24

I’m 3 months and 2 weeks pregnant, and in my first trimester I have been experiencing slight discomforting cramps and spotting but most of all I feel a lump in my cervix that actually doesn’t hurt but prevents me from having sexual intercourse. Is this a sign of placenta previa ?

Comment by vedu
2012-11-11 17:34:16

Dear sir

My wife has pregnancy of 13 weeks & 6 days and doctor has diagnosed with placenta previa and cervix is fully covered but from article I came to know that it the placenta can go up till 20 weeks so pls suggest it is confirm is it possible for it to go up.

Comment by Georgia
2012-11-21 10:17:45

I was diagnosed with partial placenta previa at 14 weeks. However, I did bleed alot at around 12 weeks. My Gyno said I must be very careful and cautious. When I bled I was put on Bed rest, and now on pelvic rest and to be very cautious. However, he did say not to worry so much as It is most likely to move as the uterus expands. I am scheduled for c-section anyway as I had my first with c-section for other reasons.

Is it true I shoulnt worry so much – will it move away from the cervix?
What precautions should I be taking?

Please advice me on anything you have to let me know in my situation,

Thank you very much.

Comment by karina
2013-01-07 21:23:32

Hi I am 28yrs old and this is my first pregnancy. I have been told by dr that my placenta lies low in my abdomen. I am 15 weeks will be 16 weeks on Friday this week just a few day away. I am so worried they haven’t told me the name of placenta previa she just said it lies low.

I did not bleed but I am worried.

Comment by emma
2013-01-13 23:28:19


I am 20+4 days gestation, i’ve just had my 20 week ultrasound and was told i have a complete posterior placenta previa with the ‘bulk’ of the placenta covering the cervix. The sonographer didn’t go into any more detail than that. But did book me in for another scan at 32 weeks to check the position of the placenta.

I’ve done a little reading and from what i can see the fact that its completely covering and it’s posterior would indicate that it is unlikely to move, also i have have had previous c-section which can affect its migration? This is what i have read. I have had no bleeding and so far pregnancy as been a healthy one.

I just wanted to know what the likely hood of the placenta moving is? Is it likely that i will bleed as the placenta moves? And should there be anything i should refrain from doing? I work as a health carer for the elderly and so my work is very physical when it comes to using hoists and such.

Any information regarding this would be most helpful.

Regards Emma.

Comment by wendy valois
2013-01-26 04:40:20

My daughter has been diagnosed with placenta previa. She will have an ultrasound next week, however, the doc. has not given her and restrictions yet. She works 2 jobs waitressing on her feet way to often. Will she be able to have her baby close to full term? I am worried sick for both her and her baby. she is 35 and 22 weeks along. pls. send along any advice you have so that i can pass it on to her, as well as important questions to ask her doctor at next weeks ultrasound. thank you

2013-02-02 11:08:19

Dear Sir,

My wife (25 year old) had a placenta previa. however our doctor not digonosed this.We loss our baby who is fully developed. this my first baby. and my wife also had appendix surgory 4 year ago.
now my question is
1.Is second delvery of child is normal or by c-section?
2. Is any risk of risk of placenta previa again?

thanks and regards..
pawan s mishra

Comment by Louise
2013-02-07 16:16:36

Dear Doctor,

Im am now 36 +2 weeks pregnant.

At week 20 they discovered placenta praevia marginalia. But told me I had to wait until I was 32 weeks to come back for another ultrasound.
At 32 weeks the placenta had not “moved” much I was ordered to go to the hospital.
The gynecologist told me that its position was about 1,5 cm from the cervix. (This was at 34 weeks +6 )

The policy in this hospital is to perform a C-section if the placenta is within 3 cm from the cervix.

They will decide this coming Monday at 36 weeks+6 days (that is in 4 days)

have not bled at all during my pregnancy.

My questions are:

How big is the chance that the placenta will “move” another 1,5 cm in 2 weeks?

And is there anything I can do to help this?

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards


Comment by Wubalem Emire
2013-04-27 13:06:17

Dear Doctor;
I am at 22 years of old. At my 20 week of gestation I was told I had complete placenta previa. It is now 32 weeks since my gestation. I have started experiencing bleeding. I am very much concerned about the situation. Am I at more risk of loosing my kid?
What should I do please?

Comment by Roshe
2013-02-08 04:46:49

Dear Doctor,

Diagnosed as having Posterior Placenta covering OS at Previa during a scan done after 14 weeks. during that week experienced a slight discharge of a brownish color mucus like substance which in time became dark brown but not dark red, after about 4 days. Now I have completed 15 weeks and I have been bed resting ever since. Each time I get up, travel, walk, or even sit down, there is a slight discharge. Can you please tell us what this brownish substance is and whether this situation will be cured or eased with time.

Kind Regards

Comment by Sunitha
2013-02-14 05:43:39

I am 35 weeks of gestation.Yesterday, my doctor told me that the placenta is touching the cervical opening; what are the chances I go to labour.Are there any special recommendations to be followed? I am concerned as my doctor has not informed for any kind of bed rest.
Thank you.

Comment by chandrika kamdar
2013-03-08 17:39:32

My daughter is Red zone Pregnant as she is45 yrs old and 1st pregnancy starting 2nd Trimester. The Dr. says Baby is not growing well and Placenta is smaller in size. Please advise what can be done to help !!! Thank you.

Comment by Ash
2013-03-11 11:49:29

hi dr. my wife has been diagnosed of having placenta praevia and the pregnancy is 22weeks. Her doctor is insisting on blood transfussion as the only way out if the plancenter does not move and she have to go through operation. My issue is, is there no other means to to boost her blood level or any other means other than the transfusion, because we are not infavour of the blood transfution. I realy need your help.Thank you

Comment by Midwife
2013-03-15 13:39:52

May I suggest, owing to the inaccurate and incomplete information on the website, people seek medical advice from actual medical professionals in the real world!

Even Wiki has better info than this!

“Original position of placenta is close above the uterus, & its main role is to provide nutrition to the growing unborn. In placenta previa condition, placenta shifts near the uterus or sometimes is even seen covering the cervix.”

Seriously?? A placenta does not grow ‘above’ the uterus and once embedded cannot shift!. In placenta praevia the placenta just happens to embed itself near the bottom of the uterus (yes, inside the uterus… not near it!) and rarely this blocks the cervix. For most women if the placenta is low early in pregnancy as the uterus grows the placenta is ‘moved’ away from the cervix and a vaginal delivery is possible. If at 36wks more than 2cm of the placenta is encroaching the cervix a c/s is advised due to the risk of massive bleeding.

The internet is not the place for medical advice … go see a midwife or an obstetrician if you need answers!!

Comment by Holly
2013-03-18 09:01:02

Am 28 weeks today and just had may aultra sound, and my doctor told me that am in the third stage of placenta previa am scared coz i`ve never held of it. what are the chances of delivering a health baby. and what can i do to minimuse the problem of delivering early? Plz help

Comment by preethiraghavendran
2013-03-27 12:36:22

I came to know that I have placenta previa in very beginning 5th month itself, and I was very careful about that (no exercise, no walking, no work, no sex). now I’m in my 34th week or 9th month of my pregnancy. today i took scan ., and found that placenta has gone up about 3cm. baby is good, about 17cm and 2.25kg .
please tell me , whether i have crossed the complication? is there chance for normal delivery? what should i do further?

(people says doing work, exercise, walking, sex are must for normal delivery) advise me.

Comment by Valerie
2013-04-02 19:40:20

Hello, I had complete previa at 19 weeks. Now, at 27 weeks, it is partial. What are my chances it will move enough for a normal delivery?

Comment by
2013-04-12 03:53:33

my wife is pregnant she have placenta previa in low lying and she is week our baby is good
my doctor suggest bed rest, whether we have crossed the complication? is there chance safe wath will do in past ple. reply me

Comment by SHEETAL
2013-04-16 05:14:32


Comment by Premananda Yumnam
2013-04-20 19:10:51

Dear Doctor,
My wife ‘s pregnancy scanning says that placenta is anterior in position, with lower margins partially covering the internal os. Maturity=Grade II and regarding fetal anomaly the report says no detected and other conditions are normal. Impression of the report says “Single live pregnancy of 16 weeks 6 days size with low lying placenta”. The problem she encounter was that slight bleeding occurred four days before, so my doctor advised me to take ultrasound and the problem was deleted by the said result. Her previous delivery of my daughter four year back was through C- section. My doctor says it is Type I anterior pl. pravia and it is danger for both mother and child. Is it really risk one or not? Is there any way remedial measure for this problem? Please advice us.

Comment by Becky
2013-04-23 17:08:49

When I was 28w 6days I had a warning bleed,went to the hospital and after an ultrasound placenta previa was dictated. And was placed on bed rest in the hospital with just toilet now 35weeks,went for ultrasound and was told that its a major degree,the placenta is both posterior and anterior. Well I am worried,but I believe in my heart we will both be fine,till we are termed. I just want to hear from anybody with such experience.thank you.

Comment by khushi daga
2013-04-27 15:20:03

i am suffering from low lying placenta previa,,,and i am 23 weeks pregnant…want to know about the best sleeping posture during this problem to avoid any risks….pls help

Comment by g alexander
2013-04-27 21:08:14

My daughter is 16 weeks into her pregnancy and has lost the water in the placenta and has been told there might be a tear in it but they don’t really know what it is caused by. She has been bleeding for a week and had very bad pains when it first happened. She has also been told that she must wait to see if she miscarriages naturally in the next week and if she does not they will induce her as the baby is too young to save. The hospital told her she might go home after the week-end to wait for this but if she bleeds more or has pain to come to the hospital immediately. I am very worried that if she leaves hospital and this happens she might not get to the hospital in time something. can you please tell me if my daughter is in danger of fatally haemorrhaging if she goes home at this stage. Thank you

Comment by kunal
2013-05-04 19:29:40

my was suffering from placenta previa and she give birth to a baby boy by c-section.During the operation heavy bleeding was started and about 15 unita of blood were transfused.My problem is that after the c-section my wife started discharging urine ans she is not able to stop the flow of urine.I tell the doctor about this and they said that the placenta was attached to the urine wall and during the operation it was damaged.can this is possible??

Comment by Arleene
2013-05-15 15:52:46

At 19 weeks and 4 days I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa. My doctor recommended lifting no more than groceries and to take it easy, pelvic rest too. He is ok with me continuing swimming laps because it will not put pressure on the placenta. However, I’m nervous about this because it’s a complete previa and I’d like to have some hope that it will move. I worry that if I continue being active (only swimming and carrying for my 2.5 year old) I will set back any chance for change. Should I stop swimming all together and rest more?

Comment by Martha
2013-05-18 13:35:33

Hello, Dear Sir/Madam.
I am 28 and I’m 29 weeks pregnant. At 19 weeks I was diagnosed with low lying placenta previa (0.7 cm higher than the cervix/internal os). At 28 weeks it reached 2.9 cm and premature aging of the placenta was discovered. This is my first pregnancy. I have already been taken to the hospital due to the minor bleeding. I have been experiencing lower abdomen cramps throughout my pregnancy and my doctor says premature labour is quite possible. All the rest is fine by now.
Speaking of delivery options, can C-section be avoided? I cannot have anything planned because of my risks.
Best regards,

Comment by Julie
2013-05-22 13:53:23

Hello Doctor. I recently had a friend of mine die of placenta previa. She was pregnant for her first time with a little girl. She previously had a problem with drugs but has been clean and sober prior to getting pregnant. She was rushed to the hospital because of bleeding. However, my girlfriend to this point had not been diagnosed with placenta previa. They did an emergency c-section and would not allow her husband in the operating room. When the baby came out, she was extremely blue. My girlfriend started to freak out. She was screaming at the doctor to give her her baby and that she wanted her husband. The doctor could not calm her down, so he proceeded to give her a shot in her neck to sedate her. A few hours later, her husband still hadnt heard anything and was wondering where his wife and child were. To his dismay, his wife never woke up. Her placenta had errupted after she was given the sedative. Is there any cause to why the doctor couldnt have detected that she had placenta previa and is there any reason my friend has to sue the doctor? I would like to tell you the good news. The baby was released for the NICU yesterday and his healthy, finally!

Comment by whitnie
2013-06-05 19:56:02

should a woman who is 23 weeks pregnant travel on a airplane out of state with a lot of pelvic pain?

Comment by juveria
2013-06-17 11:47:48

hi,iam 24 yrs….in 19 th week of pregnancy,my placenta is is in a low lying position…am i at risk..if not,can i fly mumbai to lucknow

Comment by swapnabijukumar
2013-06-24 13:47:39

iam 25years old now iam 32 weeks pregnant but ultrasound report says complete placenta preavia

Comment by kiran
2013-07-07 14:12:27


I’m pregnant with 29 weeks.

I’m having low placenta previa with 2.2 cms away from internal os.

Is it safe to train travel for 42 hours to my Home town.

Please suggest.


Comment by T McDonnough
2013-07-11 11:40:13

I am 24 weeks and 2days with complete previa diagnosed at my last appt (20 weeks) I have two appointments today starting at 11:30 (my reg ob/gyn and high risk as well) I woke up at 7:10 to pee a found that I am bleeding…to be honest I DID have intercourse (against my doc orders) my question is should I go to the ER or wait until my appointment in a few hours…the bleeding was sudden a similar to that of the star of my menstrual cycle. I just went to the bathroom and bleeding has stopped. ( I only saw a tiny bit when I wiped) PLEASE HELP!!,

Comment by saranya
2013-07-14 15:46:03

I had low lying placenta, now im n 33 + 3 days of pregnancy.. i had my first bleeding at 31 weeks, the doc asked me to take complete bed rest and also sd baby and me is fine . Is it possible for normal pregnancy?? im worried about those issues. and is there any other problems should i have to face after my delivery???

Comment by Elizabeth
2013-07-16 12:36:14

Hi, Today I am 37 weeks! I found out I had low lying placenta at 15 weeks & throughout my pregnancy it was a complete previa. Then I was told it is low lying placenta again & Now At my last appt I was 36 weeks & 2 days and dr told I may be able to deliver normally? I got excited & began to ask questions but when he checked again he seemed unsure & said it was my choice. He said my placenta is 1.5cm from the cervix & he feels comfortable with it being 5cm away so I kinda feel like it´s little time for it to move 3.5cm up but I don´t know. So he told me I could deliver normally if I want (to avoid a c section..this is my first pregnancy..I´m 19 years old) but if I start hemerreging then I will have to have an emergency c section. What I don´t understand is why other womens doctors say their placenta has to be 2cm away or 2.5cm & mine says 5cm? also why would he give me the option if it could put me or my baby at risk? And now he is on Vacation so another dr will deliver me and what if he has another opinion? Please help my confusion!

Comment by JANE
2013-07-18 12:45:46

Hallo Doctor, my name is Jane a 32 year old female i am pregnant with a gestation period of 17 weeks 6days i underwent an ultrasound scan due to a sudden bleeding and it indicated that i have a placenta previa marginalis which is posterior at 15weeks 5days…kindly let me know if there is a possibility of the placenta migrating and also if there is a possibility of a normal vaginal delivery, i have also had some spotting from that day which have lasted to atleast 2weeks and few days although sometimes like at night or during the day i hardly have any spotting, kindly let me know if with time the spotting might spot.


Comment by alan
2013-08-09 17:53:33

Hi my names Alan
My partner is 24 weeks and three days pregnant she has placenta previa she is carrying a boy and we currently have three girl’s and she has had three boys still born. This is the furthest she has got with a boy as all previous labours have been premature. We are a bit worried as my partner keeps getting stomach pains lower down which are on and off but more if she been walking round. Katy also has pain in the lower stomach when going to the toilet. The baby is still very active but she has had a little bit discharge sometimes creamy color and sometimes a tinge of green. Please could you offer us any advice on this as she has never had this condition before and because she has never got this far with a boy the furthest she got is 21 weeks please help.

Comment by Anita
2013-08-18 00:03:15

I have Placenta Previa and my placenta covers the opening of my cervix,I went a few weeks ago for a update in regards to this condition and a ultrasound showed it has moved some,My question is what Sexual actions can I do that do not require vaginal penitration?I want to stay a sensual being with my partner.

Comment by Anita
2013-08-18 00:05:08

BTW I am now 29wks in my pregnancy

Comment by Julie
2013-08-19 00:29:04

Hi there,

I have had 2 c-sections; both due to placenta previa. On the second, I had the beginnings of placenta acreta and was advised to have no more children. I have just found out I am pregnant, and given the risk factors have decided to terminate. I am almost 4 weeks. Are the any complications to having a termination due to this history. If so what are they and what do we need to do? Thanks

Comment by MotherOf2
2013-09-03 04:12:23

Im 22 weeks pregnant with my second child and I have placenta previa again and im contracting and having alot of pressure and spotting. Am I wondering what should I do? Scared!!!

Comment by maya
2013-09-05 11:51:41

Dear Dr.,

During my 24th week of pregnancy, I was diagnosed with marginal placenta previa and dr. Said my placenta is low lying
So she asked me to bed rest for three weeks until I see her again at 28 weeks.
She said it is highly probable that it will resolve itself within those 3 weeks
And that even if it did 50 percent then she will allow me to get back to work.
To be honest I am very worried to have to bed rest till the 9th month if placenta doesn’t go up.
Total bed rest is a killer. Dunno how necessary it is and till when.

Comment by Tara
2013-09-09 18:12:06

Is it possible to have a marginal at 12 weeks, then a low lying at 18 and then it go to complete previa at 27 weeks?
That has to be a mistake right?? I have had no bleeding or cramping. I do lots of physical activity, I have a toddler and am a birth assistant and doula. My husband and I have sex. I even fell onto something and hit my cervix hard with no bleeding or spotting. I thought you had to have bleeding with complete previa.

Comment by fathima
2013-10-07 10:37:45

hi Doc,

i had ultra sound scan previous week. now i am at 27 weeks 5 days..scan report contains that my placenta is down it is lying 3 cm 15 inches away..what it means and what i can do?? will i have normal delivery or c- sec..please advice me..


Comment by comfort
2013-10-17 01:36:00

pls dr. i had this placenta previa but i did not bleed in any time during pregnancy. the placenta came before the baby but before the delivery there was this very tick black discharge and after the delivery i discovered my baby was dead. please how can my case be described and what was the cause?

Comment by angela
2013-10-25 05:18:28

I am 23 weeks and was diagnosed with marginal possibly partial previa. This is my secind child and i am very nervous about having to get a csection. My ob has said that if my placenta doesnt move up tgen i will have to get a c section. What are the odds of it moving up y the time i am full term?

Comment by zahid
2013-12-26 09:28:02

my wife is 11.2 weeks pregnant and 24 yrs of age her placenta is partly internal os …os close what its means?

Comment by Mary
2014-02-03 20:29:55

I have just been diagnosed with low lying placenta and have had heavy bleeding at 13 weeks. I have a holiday booked to Mauritius in two weeks time is it safe to fly and should i have a scan before I go to make sure every thing is ok.

Comment by vidhya
2014-02-10 14:26:59

Hi i have 23weeks but partially previa,suggest. me precautions &tips

Comment by Pakathi
2014-02-13 07:55:45

Hi Dr. I’m 33 years have 4 live babies. At 20 I was bleeding it was one big red clot and then red but not heavy blood only used one sanitary pad. But I went to hospital because I was scared,Dr.told me ultrasound report says, my placenta was posterior-low-lying-covering os & fetus is breach,she prescribed complete bed rest no sex. Now I always have back & abdominal pains,sometime it like contractions. When the baby moves it has very intense kicks that send me straight to the bathroom. I’m 22 weeks now not bleeding. Should I be worried about this pain can it get back to normal?

Comment by Michelle
2014-03-11 17:04:50

Hi there,
I was just told at 35 weeks that my placenta is 2.3 cm from my cervix. My 20 week scan showed my placenta was riding high. Most of what I read indicates that in most cases the placenta starts low but then moves higher. Should I be concerned that mine was high and is moving lower?

I’ve had no bleeding. This is my second pregnancy – I delivered my first vaginally. I’m 33.

They only realized my placenta is low because I was sent for a “positioning” ultrasound by my midwife who thought baby was breach. Baby is not breach but then they noticed the placenta. I asked my midwife why it appears to be getting lower, but she didn’t know.

They are sending me for another ultrasound and then likely an OB consult, but not for another couple of weeks. In the meantime i’m having difficulty finding any information online that aligns with my situation.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Comment by Cate
2014-03-17 03:31:47

I am 35 years old i had normal delivery on 2012 now am pregnant with my second child. At 25th week I was found with a low lying placenta and was told the growth of my baby is low but the baby is very active. Am worried because still at 30 weeks still I ad breech baby very active but her growth is low. I never experience pain at my lower abdomen unless have sat down for so long or walked for long, no bleeding, no early labor pains. Am i in any danger? Am in 32nd week.

Comment by alex
2014-04-17 09:59:08

My name is alexandra and i am from Greece…
I can find limited info about complete previa here…
My case is
The 12th week scan showed complete placenta previa
The 23rd week scan showed that my placenta has separated in two pieces. The large and main placenta is climbing the right wall of the uterus while the small one is at the left…these two pieces are connected by a thin bridge from which the cord is coming out…so the small placenta and the bridge are covering my cervix and u/s shows veins with blood in them…
My doctor says there is a high possibility that it will not change place and in that case i might be hospitalised for over a month!!!plus the fact that they will take my baby earlier… I am so stressed right now what is your opinion?
I look forward to your reply with anxiety :-(

Comment by vindhiya
2014-04-19 03:36:04

i am 29 years old and 20 weeks pregnant with low lying placenta. my placenta is 1.9 cm away from internal OS. and doctor advised me complete bed rest upto 34 weeks. is complete bed rest required for so many weeks.

Comment by Ana
2014-04-25 04:11:10

hello I went to the hospital and they told me that I have my placenta low close to the cervix but that its not covered im 31 weeks and 5 days and I wanted to know if the possibility of the placenta moving up at the stage that im in is likely I would like to give birth vaginally I wanted to know what are my chances and what can I do im not a smoker and im in my 26 years of age.

Comment by Malerie
2014-05-04 02:19:00

I was diagnosed with placenta previa at 20 weeks. I have been seeing a high risk dr at the perinatal center weekly ever since. I was also diagnosed with a short cervix about 1.3 cm. I was hospitalized for 3 days last month due to a thick brown mucus with bits of blood within. They sent me home with lifting restrictions and on pelvic rest. I have had the same brown mucus discharge in small amounts pretty much everyday. What is this brown mucus? The dr doesn’t seem too awful worried about it but told me to come in if there is any bleeding. I had a positive fetal fibernectun test 3 weeks ago. Could this be the so called glue that is is supposed to be holding my baby in place? His growth is right on track and he is very very active. It just makes me nervous. I am only 25 and this is my second baby. I did have a prior c-section 7 years ago this month. I am now 31 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Do you have any information as to what may be the cause of the discharge?

Comment by Ashley
2014-05-08 19:39:57

My OB informed me that my placenta is completely covering my cervix at my 21 week check up. I have had constant pains and cramping, and even braxton hicks. I am 24 years old and this is my first pregnancy. I am having a boy aswell. The pain is not quite severe and there is no bleeding. Should I be working? My OB had made me take a week off work because of the pains i was having and the severe swelling in my feet at the time. I am going on my 23rd week this Saturday, May 10th.

Comment by Julius
2014-05-18 09:18:20

Please my wife is under placenta previa type 11 explain it and give me advise on how to go about it doctor.

Comment by Julie Sk
2014-05-21 10:57:39

Hello Doctor,

At week 16, I started to see some blood spotting. I went to my doctor and he suspected that I have Placenta Previa, asked me to stay for full bed rest in the hospital.
It is 2 weeks since I am in the hospital and the doctor is saying I have Placenta Previa complete. Last week, I did cerclage and the operation went very well.

the doctor always say that I am good and they baby condition is excellent. I am worried because the bleeding never stops. Sometimes I see few blood spots, sometimes the blood is severe to fill 2 Pads in an hour.

Would the placenta move? shoul I stay that way?

thank you very much in advance.

Comment by yasmeen
2014-06-05 20:04:31

hi what is the relationship between alpha feto protien and marginal placenta previa

Comment by belle
2014-06-23 08:18:30

hi im am diagnosed placenta previa totalis when im 16 weeks pregnant right now im 26weeks pregnant my doctor advice me pelvic rest meaning no sex right now after the congenital scan they found out im placenta previa marginalis they say im still on bedrest im not allowed to be tired but i have a proble
im a bipolar 2 i cant avoid sex ive been telling my ob sometimes i touch myself just for an orgasm i havent exprience any bloodspots im also not taking any medicine for my disorder pls tell me is it safe for me to touch myself or can i have oral sex with my partner and can you tell me before im totalis now its marginal how do i know when to have sex i still have 3 more months thank you very much pls tell me asap

Comment by Marina Arun
2014-06-24 08:37:30

Hi doctor
Am 27 years old primi with 12 weeks of gestation,on my 12th week scan it was found that my placenta partially covering the doctor said me to lie down for 5 hours after lunch with the foot end elevation of the bed.I wanted to know if this will help reverse my condition.
Thank you.

Comment by Tracy
2014-07-03 05:20:05

Dear Doctor,

Im am now 22+2 weeks pregnant.

At week 21i had my ultrasound the report shows that,
placenta is along posterior wall, grade 1 maturity with the lower end seen reaching the internal os.

i want to know is any thing wrong, will i be able to give normal birth?

Thank you

Comment by praneeth
2014-07-16 15:48:11

hi sir
why was the placenta fixed particularly to novel of child
but not stomach ,mouth why plz reply sir

Comment by dr. Hina
2014-07-17 21:50:09

hi. i ave a gestational ammenhorea of 14 weeks. i have two kids, born vaginally with uneventful pregnancies. but this time i am having low lying placenta. i had a heavy bleeding episode at week 10. i was given cyclogest pessaries H.S, tablet duphaston, injection proluton once a week. in 13 week i had brownish scanty discharge which is still continued. would it happen as long as placenta would low lie despite medication n rest?

Comment by tina
2014-07-17 23:11:23

Hi doc
I am primigravida wid 24 weeks pregnant. My LMP was 26 jan 2014.
In my 21week anomaly scan placenta was 2 cm away from uterus.As such i have no complain no bleeding.
Plz guide me about any precautions.can i do coitus? Thank in advance

Comment by cresta
2014-07-21 15:07:54

I am 32 weeks pregnant and have previa. my baby is very small weigh 1.2 kg. I have been booked for another scan in the next two weeks. I wanted to know if my baby will grow more and also is my baby weight too bad for 32 weeks.

Comment by Rabqa
2014-07-28 19:51:11

Hi !
I want to ask that I ve a placenta previa and can I go for an abortion? It’s my 16th week of pregnancy.i also want to know the risks of an abortion?

Comment by Rabqa
2014-07-28 19:51:11

Hi !
I want to ask that I ve a placenta previa and can I go for an abortion? It’s my 16th week of pregnancy.i also want to know the risks of an abortion?

Comment by sangeeta
2014-08-10 05:59:54

In my obstetric Doppler study placenta is found posterior not previa and placental maturity grade 2.fetus in cephlis it possible that I have vaginal delivery

Comment by rinu
2014-08-13 00:19:54

Hello dr. Iam suffered from complete placenta previa since 26 week ealier i was partial placenta… Now onwards there is no bleeding.I can take complete rest. What are the complications during c section… Or is there is any chances of normal delivery becoz now there is 2 months to go for complete trimester.kindly reply..

Comment by Helen yorong
2014-08-15 01:55:40

Hello dr. Im 32 weeks pregnant and have just been discharge from the hospital after having a preterm labor placenta totalis.. After 2 days at home i noticed theres brownish colored blood coming out.. I am so afraid please help me.. Whats should i do.. Thank you

Comment by favour
2014-08-27 00:56:42

Hello doctor
When I was 14 weeks I bleeded due to low lying placenta.and now the sonongrahr said that iam 22 weeks instead of 23 can the bleeding be the cause of the one weeks behind. Can the bleeding after my due date

Comment by favour
2014-08-27 01:04:09

Hello doctor
Can low lying affect my intial due date

Comment by favour
2014-08-27 01:14:23

Hello dr
When I was 14 weeks I bleeded due to lowl lying placenta and now the dr said that iam 22 weeks instead of 23 weeks can low lying placenta be the cause of the one weeks behind can it affect my due date

Comment by Ms. Altovise Williams
2014-08-28 07:06:53

Ive had two abortions and placenta previa. Ive been trying to become pregnant since 2012. Is there any chances of me getting pregnant again? Im a 33yr old mother of three..all are up in age..13, 10 & 8. I had a c-section with my last child 8yrs ago. My cycle is comes 1st through 3rd or 4th. Another may come on the 22nd until 25th. Ive been told by my doctor that i still can have kids. Whats my next step?

Comment by Rashmi
2014-08-28 13:50:25

Hello Ddoctor,
I have completed my 37th week of my pregnancy, got USG yesterday. Report says fetal movements are normal, heart rate is 153 BPM, weight approx 2799 GMs
Placenta previa is at posterior wall at middle and lower segment of uterus, its lower end covering internal is and lower 2.5 Cm of anterior wall. It maturity grade is 2.
There is no evidence of retro placental collection.
Internal Is is closed.
My Dr is asking me to have cesarean by 5th sept.
I wanted to have normal delivery.
Pls advice.

Comment by Anna
2014-08-31 06:02:08

I was told in the Er I have a lw lying placenta just touching the tip of my cervix. I just turned 13 weeks, I have a 12 hr flight scheduled for next week. Is a low lying placenta dangerous at this time in pregnancy can I still fly?

Comment by Jennifer
2014-09-02 03:00:06

At my 20wk ultrasound it showed complete placenta previa and my doctor said it was over by 5cm which led him to believe that i should anticipate that the placenta will most likely stay put. So i am mentally preparing myself for what to expect. My question is, what is different during a csection for moms with previa? Is the incision different? Are we put under general anesthesia? Is it typically a complicated delivery? Thanks!

Comment by Shannon
2014-09-04 22:32:42

Hello Dr,

I was diagnosed with Placenta Previa and I am wondering when I should expect my doctor to schedule a C-section to have my baby. I’ve read that they could deliver at 36 weeks or 37 weeks, I do not know and this really scares me due to the fact that I had my first baby right at the 38 week marker. Which I feel will happen again. Could you please help me out so I can plan accordingly.

Thank you,


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